I deliver an above expectation mortgage lending service to home owners and home buyers, by educating and guiding them regarding their choices, whether they are purchasing or refinancing a home. 

With transparency and communication my customers stress less, are able to analyze their options, and realize their needs and wants. These needs and wants may include obtaining the home they’ve always wanted, creating financial security and well-being, being in a home that is comfortable, different down payment and payment options, or investing in real estate.

Whatever a person is looking for, it is not enough to get a home loan completed effectively and efficiently. my keen desire is happy, satisfied, and well informed customers that are secure with their home finance decisions now and in the future.

Customer Testimonials:
  • Competative Interest Rates and Loan Fees
  • Communication Throughout the Process
  • Home Buyer/ Mortgage Education
  • First Time Buyer Programs
  • Retirement Mortgage Programs
  • Mortgage Experience since 2003
  • Investment Lending Experience 
  • Relocation Lending Experience 
  • Retirement Lending Experience 
  • First Time Buyer Lending Experience 

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